Adding a New PCT Application

There is a downloadable PDF version of the following tutorial available here.


Before adding a PCT application to our system, it must exist in the WIPO database first. To add non-PCT applications, see the tutorial Adding a Non-PCT Application.

1. To add PCT applications to the system, you must log in first. The log in is found under the LICENSE OR SELL menu.

2. Once logged in, you’ll find members only links under the LICENSE OR SELL menu. Click Add PCT Application.

3. Enter the PCT application number using the two fields and the format indicated.

4. In order to proceed further, you must agree to the terms of use and you must have the legal authority to offer your patent application rights for sale or license. If you agree, check the checkbox.


6. PCTxs will automatically retrieve your PCT information from WIPO.

7. When the data is located, you are presented with a preview.


In the screen that follows, there are several options to note:

Activated Checkbox

By default, your entry is activated in the system, but you could uncheck this box to hide it from the search results.

Agent Message

You have the option of adding a message to potential buyers. This message appears on the contact form that appears as the buyer contacts you.

Country and Region Values

Click a region name to view all countries listed in that region. You can fill in your asking price and/or check Licensing Available on a country by country basis or fill in your values by region. If you enter by region, you can individually override each country within the region.

Written Opinion

Usually, WIPO shares the written opinion in PDF format, but in cases where it’s missing, you can manually upload it yourself, if you have it in PDF form on your computer.


9. After setting your values, click SAVE. That’s it. Now your PCT entry will appear in the search results.

Adding a New PCT Application

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