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Easily License, Buy or Sell Patent Application Rights

jet engine cutaway detail with a blue tintPCTxs is an internet-based marketplace promoting the availability for sale and/or license, and asking prices, for unexpired International Patent Application rights in countries around the world. It is also now available for “regular” and “provisional” patent applications.

PCTxs technology is easily searched by owner name, technology, patent classification, inventor, patent claims, or other useful criteria. Search analysis tools allow the user to identify opportunities where the owner clearly has faith in his or her technology, but hasn’t fully converted the opportunity by filing patent applications in all countries. (For example, an owner may elect to acquire patent rights in the United States, Europe and Japan, but not in Canada, Australia or India, which may indicate an attractive sale and/or license opportunity in those markets.)

PCTxs also provides the user with links to the actual International Patent Application as filed with the International Patent Office, the full written opinion of the International Patent Office (giving all potential buyers an unbiased third party assessment of the likelihood that the technology is patentable), and the opportunity to link to a promotional video or images relevant to the technology.

PCTxs membership is free. Its also free to search and to post technology.

PCTxs is a trademark and tradename of PCTxs Inc., a Canadian company.

Patents are pending, naturally.

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